The Evolution of the NPC Bikini Division

NPC Figure Division Suits for NPC Figure Competition

What are your thoughts about the muscle change in the NPC Bikini Division from 2009 to 2017? From the style of the bikini, to the amount of muscle preferred, the change has been drastic! Notice how Jessica has a much softer shape than Jodi in regards to shoulders, abs, quads, and overall definition. Their suits are also very different. Jessica is rocking a more beachwear type suit look and Jodi is obviously wearing a beautiful crystallized Angel Competition Bikini. While we think the suit on the Jodi is considerably better than Jessica's (are we biased?!? haha) we think both woman are absolutely beautiful!!

Keep scrolling to see more comparison photos and to learn the judging criteria for the NPC Bikini Division.

2009 photo source: 2017 photo source: NPC News Online.

NPC Figure Division Suits for NPC Figure Competition

NPC Figure Division Suits for NPC Figure Competition NPC Figure Division Suits for NPC Figure Competition NPC Figure Division Suits for NPC Figure Competition

The NPC does not give too specific details as to what they are exactly looking for. The official rules found at state,

"Bikini competitors are judged on the following:

1. Balance and Shape

2. Overall physical package brought to the stage including skin tone, poise, complexion, and overall presentation."

Our best advice to know what the judges are looking for is to examine the physiques of the most current IFBB Pro Card winners. These 5 ladies pictured below are Angel Competition Bikinis Sponsored Athletes that won their IFBB Bikini Pro Cards in November 2017. Notice their exquisite shape, balance, and symmetry. It is also important to note that their Angel Competition Bikinis suits fit perfect. We make sure every customer has a suit that fits them like a glove and give them the confidence to shine on stage. Click here to purchase replicas of their Angel Competition Bikinis.

IFBB Bikini Pro Card Winners Angel Competition Bikinis

Thanks for reading, only time will tell what is in store for the evolution of the NPC Bikini Division. What are your thoughts on this evolution? Comment below and let us know!  


1. NPC News Online. "Official NPC Bikini Rules." NPC News Online. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Aug. 2016.

NPC Figure Division Suits for NPC Figure Competition

Angel Competition Bikinis Suit Buying Guide

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  • vnaionfseo

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  • Karen

    Hi Ladies!

    I love the change throughout the years but honestly I would prefer 2009 over today’s look. It’s softer and in my opinion still healthier. Having competed before I totally understand and appreciate the hard work girls go through. However it’s definitely unhealthy, and I have the say the mental and emotional recovery is definitely unhealthy. Judges now want girls to have more muscle and less body fat and again I applaud them for all the hard work they put towards a show, but it’s honestly just not realistic and healthy. That’s just my two cents.

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