4 tips for Bikini Competitor Abs

Posted on March 03 2017

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Tip 1: Be consistent 


Transforming your body takes time. Being consistent with proper training and nutrition is the key to seeing muscle definition. Find a program, be consistent, and you will see results.


Tip 2: Compound movements are your friend.


Yes, crunches are alright but doing full body compound movements such as squats or dead lifts should be a staple in your training program. These full body exercises will develop overall muscle which will make your overall body composition better which means you will have more muscle definition. Remember there is no such thing as spot reduction. 


Tip 3: H2O

Drink water!! A lot! The more water you drink the less water you hold. 


Tip 4: Diet 

"Abs are made in the kitchen" It's true! You can't out train a bad diet so make sure your diet is setting you up for success. 

 NPC Bikini competitor abs

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  • Cynthia Rubio : January 03, 2018

    Thanks for the tips I’m 54 and starting to workout harder I’m from that 80’s style of aerobics and head bands the weight training is starting to pay off I just want to look good for my bikini this summer I know I’ll never do what you do but you inspired me to stay with it I got a personal trainer last year but I took a bad fall and broke my ribs now I’m back in the game after 3 months I’ll keep checking in do you have any diet tips for me? That will help I need a per workout and post workout food to eat.

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